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At Six Buck Ranch
  our Wagyu cattle enjoy clean air, high quality mountain
  meadow pastures, a serene setting and are holistically
managed to reduce stress and improve their quality of
  life while on the ranch. 
  Cows are calved on pasture in the fall, while the
  temperatures are still mild and dry, to get the calves
  off to a healthier start.
  Calves are weaned in June, before it get's hot, in close
  proximity to their mothers to reduce stress.
  We utilize "planned grazing" to reduce selective grazing
  which improves the over-all health and diversity
  in the plant communities.  The added bonus is better
  nutrition for the cattle.   We do not use chemical
  fertilizers on our hay or pasture ground resulting in the
  return of dung beetles that assist in incorporating manure
  back into the ground.
  Finishing steers are fed a small amount of grains along
  with grass hay for approximately 150 days.  We do not
  "push" them, but let them grow on their own more
  We are now offering grass finished Wagyu beef as well!